• Today is ACO Sunday, each member is asked to give an additional $5.00 toward the Activity Community Outreach programs of Mt. Pleasant. Thanks in advance for your support.


  • Mt Pleasant if you will be celebrating a birthday in the month of May or June we would like to recognize your special day. Please complete a birthday information card, return it to a member of the Greeter’s Ministry or drop it in our Birthday Box downstairs.


  • Pleasant we are a loving church and we want to hear about our members who are sick and shut-in so that we can call or visit you! We can't if we don't know that you are sick.  So please contact the Pastor, First Lady or Church office so that we will know what you need and be able to properly accommodate you.


  • If you are a part of the Youth and Young Adult Choir we need all members and supervisors to be measured for your uniform starting next Sunday, May 20th immediately after service downstairs in the foyer.  It is imperative that all members are measured by Sunday, June 10th otherwise there is no guarantee that their uniforms will fit.  Additional information on this very special youth day to be held on Sunday, July 29th is soon to come!


  • To all men of Mt Pleasant- The Men Ministry will have a meeting today after service in the choir stand to discuss our Men’s day weekend events?


  • Our Baby dedication will be held on Sunday, June 10th. Please contact the church office with you baby information no later than May 27th.


  • Pleasant please keep Bro. Harold Souder, Sis. Betty Jones and Bro. Richard Searcy in prayer.


  • At the Mount, We are Rooted in God’s will, Relevant in God’s word, and Real in God’s worship